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Drivers Legal Plan is an actual national law firm, dedicated to protecting  the interests of commercial drivers, especially their “employability”.  The Plan was designed by truckers in 1991 to make the best legal representation affordable to CDL holders.  Now that CSA 2010 is upon us, drivers must defend  their record from any roadside violation, and 
Drivers Legal Plan is, more so than ever, the most efficient & effective way to protect your driving career!
Many agents offer policies, but don't understand your world.  We have specialized in trucking insurance longer than most agencies have been in existence.  OUR EXPERIENCED STAFF not only specializes, but many have worked directly in your industry.  From owner-operators to large fleets, our team delivers the most value for money spent.  Contact us today!”  We are very close to launching a new website exclusively for our trucking insurance.  I will provide the new web address soon.   Use Promo Code 009926
PRO TRANSPORT & LEASING, INC.   800-437-0017
Hospitality International/Lodging
"Scottish Inns, Red Carpet Inn, Master Hosts Inns , Downtowner Inns, and Passport Inn; Providing quality affordable lodging at over 300 locations in the United States, Canada and the Bahamas."
TruckersEdge Load Board powered by DAT for Owner-Operators: Find Loads, Get Paid, Go Home...Starting at only $34.95 and your first 30 Days are FREE!
TruckersEdge Load Board  
The Fleet One Over The Road Fuel Card unchains you from the day-to-day tasks and gives you back your license to find adventure.
$35,000 maximum finance amount. 
Truck loan must be closed or near the end of contract. We’ll place a lien on title.
Warranty on engine will be required for at least one year.
Truck must be in good condition with a general condition report supplied by the Service Dept.
Model year 2004 or newer.
36 month maximum term.
Borrower must have at least $5,000 revolving credit available as well as experience making mortgage or  
  installment payments of at least $600 per month for at least twelve months.
Borrower has had no significant credit problems over the past few years and has never defaulted on a truck  
Minimum 600 credit score.

Preferred Engine Overhaul Financing Program
We’ll refinance a truck, including the cost of overhaul if the following conditions are met:
Any questions please contact Brandi Walters @
or call 800-501-9786 ext. 534

Don’t Forget Our Used Truck Class 8 Finance Program!
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With over 75 years of experience we understand the importance of quick, courteous and dependable service. Lost time is lost money and that’s what we protect. Membership includes Towing, Winching, Flat Tire Service, Fuel Delivery, Lockout Recovery and Much More, all for less than $1 per day.
Commercial Vehicle Roadside Assistance